The body is the most complicated machinery that constantly sends us signals when it stuck somewhere. But, by carelessness or ignorance, we often ignore them. Today, take 5-10 minutes and find out if you have detected and ignored some of the following 9 symptoms:

Dark circles around the eyes

If you sleep 7-8 hours a night and again wake up with dark circles under and around the eyes, it can be because of anemia. When the body produces fewer red blood cells, the skin around the eyes can quickly darken.

Differently colored fingers

This is the first sign of Raynaud’s phenomenon – a condition when low temperatures cause spasms of the blood vessels leading to discoloration of the fingers.

Blurred vision

If your eyes are often tired, you will notice that your vision slowly weakens and you see blurred. This is the first sign that myopia or astigmatism will develop, it is best to consult an ophthalmologist.

Strange forms in front of your eyes

If from time to time you see spots or lines before your eyes, light or white, you must go to an eyesight test. This is the first sign that provides cataracts and other serious eye diseases.

“Music” in the abdomen

If the bubbling in the stomach is rare, it is not terrible, but if it is accompanied by pain, you must visit a doctor.

Peeling of the skin

It signals that you lack some vitamins. Good nutrition is the guarantee for normal skin, so if there is flaking and itching, you should consult a doctor. There is also a big chance for a fungal infection that must be treated appropriately.

Partial loss of smell

If you feel that your sense of smell weakens or is lost gradually, it can be because of a serious cold or infection. So, do not ignore this sign.


The occasional moving of the eye can occur from excessive eyestrain and vision and it can prevent and soothe with cold compresses. If it does not stop, it can be because of a nervous disorder which must be monitored by a doctor. Rapid-eye-movement is also known as REM.

Ringing ears

Although you think it is safe and will pass quickly if the ringing of the ears is often uncomfortable it may be a pathological condition.

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