You should never ignore these 10 warning signs that something is wrong with your body. Some of them are indicating early stage of diabetes.

The way our body manages to run itself is very fascinating, and at the same time it can keep control over millions of processes that are all happening independently. We should never ignore the following signs that something is wrong in our body. Some of them are also connected with diabetes.

Yet, it seems like there is an established balance between all of them, but we hardly even notice. Nothing is perfect however, and whenever something stops running at its course your body makes sure and lets you know one way or another, that there is some disruption in the system. Very unfortunately, most of the people hardly notice these signs too, and even when we do notice, we have a bad tendency to ignore them. And this is something we should never do because it can lead to further complications to our health. They are but a body’s equivalent of a cry for help.

10 Things You Must Pay Attention To

BRITTLE NAILS AND HAIR – An indication that you lack vitamin D, as well as calcium. Naturally, brittle nails and hair just mean you need to consume more vitamin D-rich and calcium-rich foods. So consume more milk, legumes, potatoes, wheat germ and whole grains.

CRAVING FOR SEAFOOD – Food cravings exist in many ways and each one of them indicates something different. The desire for seafood might mean that your body lacks iodine.

CRAVING FOR SOUR FOOD – When you are craving after sour foods for no reason, it might mean that your liver and gallbladder need supplementary stimulation and therefore, it is advisable to simply consume more cranberries and lemons.

CRAVING FOR RAW FOOD – If, on the other hand, you constantly crave foods of the raw variety, chances are you have liver issues or it might also indicate gastritis. You should satisfy your cravings by eating a raw food diet because doing so has been proven to relieve any cramps and soothe your stomach pain.

CRAVING FOR SOMETHING SWEET – When you are craving for sweets often, it can only mean you suffer from nervous exhaustion which means you’re tired. The need for sugar is actually a need for glucose, which is a source of energy. When this happens, instead of ingesting unhealthy variants, you should satisfy your sweet tooth with some or dark chocolate honey instead. This can also indicates early signs of diabetes.

CRAVING SALTY FOOD -It might sound weird, but craving foods that are high in salt content can often indicate an inflammation or infection in your body that revolves around the urogenital system.

DRY SKIN ON YOUR ELBOWS – Almost always this is an indicator that you’re deficient in vitamins C and A, so in order to mend this problem, you’d be wise to consume more carrots, pumpkin, oranges and apricots, and although consuming any fruits and vegetables would help, the above-mentioned four are the best for this issue.

DRY SKIN IN GENERAL – When and if you feel you have dry throughout your body, it could very well indicate a deficiency in vitamin E, in which case, the best thing to do would be to consume more vitamin E-rich foods such as oily fish, vegetable oils, and nuts.

BLEEDING GUMS – Same as all problems concerning your teeth, bleeding gums are usually a sign that you lack vitamin C. An easy fix is to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially garlic.

LEG CRAMPS, POOR SLEEP, IRRITABILITY – These mentioned symptoms are your body’s way of warning you that your body lacks magnesium and potassium. One of the healthiest and easiest way to increase your potassium levels is to eat more leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, and chard. On the other hand, if you want to improve your magnesium levels you’d best eat more almonds, sunflower, linseed and nuts in general.

These were the ten most important signals your body can send you in the case of an emergence in its functioning and some of them, diabetes. When you pay attention to them and actually do something about them, which, as you’ve seen, is not hard at all, you’d be doing both your health and yourself a huge favor for sure.

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