reading books

True lady should have read many books. Reading magazines, Internet articles, columns and Facebook statuses is sometimes useful, but they cannot replace books. Reading books will increase your self-esteem, creativity, knowledge and vocabulary. You could talk on various topics. If you do not know where to start, here are some suggestions of books that every woman need to have read at some point in life. Place yourself comfortable in your chair, make coffee or tea and sink into the new worlds of the following 10 books…

  1. “Women Who Run with the Wolves” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

For this book that contains more than 500 pages is said that is a real lexicon of woman psychology. From the introduction, until the last page, the book would make you feel comfortable and pleasant in the same time, but it will also awake your wild side. Will leave you on a magical journey where you will meet amazing myths about the world of wild women.

  1. “Eat, Pray, Love” – Elizabeth Gilbert

This is the book that changed the lives of many women around the world. It is a thrilling story about a woman who has left behind all socially accepted ideas of success in order to find true happiness. After the divorce, she decided to explore three different aspects of her nature through three different cultures: Pleasure researched in Italy, spirituality in India and the balance between pleasure and spiritual in island of Bali in Indonesia. After reading this book you will want to do the same.

  1. “A Century of Wisdom” – Caroline Stoessinger

This inspiring book contains life’s lessons from Alice Herz Sommer, the oldest woman in the world that survived the Holocaust and died when she was 109 years old. In the course of her long life she had seen everything: she survived the concentration camp, she attended the trial of Adolf Eichmann and was lucky to meet some of the biggest names of the 20th century such as Franz Kafka, Mahler and Rainer Maria Rilke. She saw how the Nazis killed her mother, husband and friends, but still was not bitter. Even in the worst enemy she managed to find the human essence.

  1. “Little Women” – Louisa M. Alcott

Classic story for all young girls, mothers and grandmothers that tells about family relations between the four sisters and their mother. While the father is at war, readers can see how they live and how they differ one from another. They all love, grieve, dream and suffer, but never lose the love they feel towards each other.

  1. “The Diary of a Young Girl” – Anne Frank

The book arouses a storm of emotions. You will fill sorrow in the end, but happiness because Anna is intelligent and witty girl. She’s innocent, but her fate bleak. Her hope, love and the way of thinking will encourage you to do as many good deeds as you can.

  1. “A Thousand Splendid Suns” – Khaled Hosseini

Moving story of years of friendship between two women who have gone through a lot of suffering caused by the ten-year war in Afghanistan. This novel will break your heart, but will give restore faith in love and true friendship.

  1. “Fear of Flying” – Erica Jong

It is a modern novel that gives new meaning to the term “sexuality”. It helps women to relieve and overcome all fears.

  1. “Pride and Prejudice” – Jane Austen

Love, misunderstandings, looking for the perfect man, conflicts and class differences. These are just some of the topics covered in the mandatory Classic of Austin. You will never be able to forget the magical story of a lovable Lizzie Bennett and haughty Mr. Darcy.

  1. “The Help” – Kathryn Stockett

The Help is a great novel which confirms that dreams come true, even when it seems impossible. You will get to know three unforgettable women that although oppressed, they break down all possible borders and manage to rise above human hatred and fear.

  1. “Anna Karenina” – Leo Tolstoy

It is one of the most beautiful novels describing the psychology of man as an individual and society at large. The action revolves around two love stories, one happy and one sad.